Gestation of Top Tier Art Prices Exceeding $100 Million ?

If you want to catch up, gaining an understanding of how and why art auction prices have zoomed past $100 million dollars, read BIG BUCKS by Georgina Adam.

Subtitle is The Explosion of the Art Market in the 21st Century

We learn 2004 was the year the first painting sold for over $100 million at auction.  It was Pablo Picasso’s Garcon a la Pipe painted in 1905 during the artist’s Rose Period– $104 million at Sotheby’s New York.

The back story:  It was purchased in 1950 for $30,000.00 and held for 54 years years.

Art can be a good investment, but notice, the holding period exceeded 10 years by 44 years.

Big Bucks identifies globalized art dealers, how they function in their galleries and at various art fairs world wide.  Revealed are motivations for art collectors, their taste often guided by art advisers; their holdings presented in private museums or held away from public viewing in freeport warehouses.

Read this volume and get a handle on what is going on in the art market.  I don’t know an easier way to catch up.

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