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Learn about the Art World (Book Shortcut) !

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READ THIS BOOK and catch up about the inner workings of auction houses as revealed through Lacey Yeager (a fictional character) and her friend , Daniel, the art critic (another fictional character).

Actually I am listening to the audio version, but either way, you get a fun dose of how things function in the art world, where art boils down to value and of course, money in conjunction with connoisseurship.

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Yes, Steve Martin the well-known actor, comedian and astute art collector wrote it !


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Smartist Telesummit 2012

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When:     January 26, 27 and January 30 – February 3 2012

10 panelists plus Ariane Goodwin will inform artists on how to bridge the gap between making art and making a living.

Review profiles of the 10 panelists and topics to be covered at

Imagine a conference without airline tickets, hotel rooms !!!

This is the 6th year of the Telesummit and 33 % of their attendees are repeats.

Nicely all sessions are recorded on CD’s and given to all registrants in a set to relive as often as is desirable.

Check out the conference highlights on their website.

Why is touting this opportunity?  You know we don’t accept referral fees.

Answer:  Corinne Cain will be one of the 10 panelists

Should you “attend”, I would be most interested in your feedback on my participation or on the Telesummit overall.

Corinne Cain



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Excellent Question & the Answer

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David Tsikewa 3 strand Mammals & Birds


Having presented a Power Point “Comprehensive Guide to Collecting American Indian Jewelry” yesterday, a superb question was posed:

How did American Indians progress from making fetishes for their own use to carving them to be utilized in necklaces?

Fetishes were originally blessed by American Indian ” healers, medicine men”, after which they carefully wrapped and put into a pouch, often carried by their owners.  Later some of these were tied into necklaces in the same manner as sing beads.  Sing beads were attached by winding the string several times around a portion of the bead versus through a pierced hole.

Piercing of non-blessed fetishes was done strictly for tourist purposes, starting with one fetish , subsequently growing to include many fetishes to adorn a strung heishi necklace.

The answer to this question was provided by a trusted colleague, who has been involved with Zuni fetishes for over fifty years.

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Peter Hemming Soars !!!

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Archway in the Ocean


Go to and experience this man’s luscious photography, especially landscapes and wildlife !

Sea Lion Ballet


Nice to share really superb photography with Savvy Collectors !!!

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The Life & Art of Tony Da Book Released !!!

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Charles King's Tony Da book


Charles King’s photographs are almost as good as standing in front of one of Tony Da’s paintings or clay sculptures.

Thanks to Richard Spivey (recently deceased), Charles gained access to heretofore private information kept by Da’s family about this immensely talented and innovative artist from San Ildefonso.

If you are intending to collect or just wishing to understand the development of American Indian clay art and paintings, you need to capture this book to learn the impact of Tony Da on the shape of American Indian art as we know it.

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Tony’s last name is pronounced like “day”.

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