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Dead or Alive, the Art Market May Not Care

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 | Collector Savvy tips, General | No Comments

Almost daily someone expresses the belief that once an artist dies, his or her work will accelerate in value.

Almost daily I get to be the grinch who says “Only if the demand was greater than the supply prior to the artist’s death”. Plus this reality must be in combination with art marketeers (usually art galleries or pursuasive private dealers or brokers or in some cases family members) who actively stimulate continuing interest in the artist’s work.

OR as in the case of the artist mentioned in the second blog, Alexander Calder, an overly prolific output of original prints can literally backslide in value upon the artist’s death. Often too many owners of these prints decide to sell them within 2 months of the artist’s passing.  An inbalance is created, where supply of the prints is greater than demand. More than 10 years may be required to absorb the quantity of prints proffered. In due time prices begin to exceed what they were prior to the artist’s death. Calder’s output of sculpture and jewelry was less bountiful, which is why their prices have continued to increase since his passing.

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