1. Most of the screenprints by Tewa were produced in editions of 2000. They originally sold for 50 cents to $1.50. I am not familiar with that artist.

  2. Many of these prints are sold on Ebay. Condition must be perfect, not good, if they are to sell more higher amounts of money.


  3. Cindi Aston

    What are these limited edition silk screens worth now, if in very good or excellent condition?

  4. Sorry Cindi, I am just paying attention to comments. I watch Ebay results, to gauge market reception trends, not so much exact prices.
    There have been times were the more complex screenprints in perfect condition have sold in excess of $100 and other times barely $25.
    Gerald Nailor and Woody Crumbo examples tend to sell for more than those by Harrison Begay, as GN and WC prints tend to be more complicated, involving more screens used in the printing process.

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