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Hefty $250 million Card Players by Cezanne

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 | General | No Comments

Feeling like your next purchase at is a bit out of reach ????

Try $250,000,000 for one of a series of five card player subjects by the 20th century master Paul Cezanne !  A private sale made public, this price is roughly twice the highest price achieved for a work of art at auction.

This painting was acquired by a museum collection in Qatar in 2011.  Vanity Fair magazine has an in-depth article about its purchase.

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Double Dan !!!

Monday, February 6th, 2012 | Exhibition news | No Comments



Not only is Dan Namingha‘s work on display at the Heard Museum opening February 25, but this Hopi master is this year’s Heard Museum’s Indian Fair & Market Signature Artist !!!

Order your tickets online for the Heard Fair  March 3 & 4, 2012 at

Dan’s talented sons Arlo and Michael will also share the limelight for this exhibition opening February 25.  Exhibition is titled “Namingha Family:  Landscape, Form and Light“.

Stand back to experience paintings on canvas and paper as well as sculpture by the Namingha men.

To purchase work by Dan, check out Supai Dancer

Hot Tip!  Order your Heard Fair tickets online and you won’t have to wait in line on the day you attend.

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Abundant Vintage & Newer American Indian-Made Jewelry !!!

Friday, February 3rd, 2012 | Exhibition news | No Comments

A bountiful trunk show featuring thousands of primarily older AI jewelry can be viewed and purchased at River Trading Post in Scottsdale, AZ Friday Feb 3 and Saturday Feb 4 from 11 am – 5 pm.

Visit their location at 7033 East Main Street in Scottsdale, AZ, where two generations of AI jewelry resellers, Steve and Chad Westergom have laid out countless examples of jewelry items by American Indian artists.  No less than 500 bracelets array multiple tables.  Most are silver, while a few are copper.  Often turquoise enhances their decoration, also petrified wood, coral, mother of pearl and jet.  Hand-made silver chains are available for those who have a pendant without a partner chain on which to hang.  A bevy of sterling Navajo made pill boxes and table boxes can be purchased, as can older sterling silver Navajo-made spoons.  No fewer than 200 bola ties adorn one wall of this luscious gallery!  Another wall hosts a couple of hundred necklaces.  Earrings number close to 1,000 to choose from.

The best news to sprinkle on top is that prices are entirely reasonable.  In the trade we refer to “Santa Fe prices”, meaning rather generous pricing.  The Westergom’s have avoided Santa Fe pricing, as does, which is why we are happy to announce the presence of this more palatable pricing being offered Friday and Saturday here in Arizona.

Another note . . if grabbing a kid sitter is problematic, bring your children with you.  Kathi Ouellet of River Trading Post is genuine in her willingness to host children accompanied by their parents.  Should they want to touch something in the gallery, Kathi has instigated a “one finger rule”, where with one finger, a child can touch a work of art with care.  Kathi is truly helping to groom the next generation of collectors who may grow up feeling welcome to visit art galleries.

It is just this weekend, even though River Trading routinely has a good selection of American Indian jewelry, pottery, textiles, sculpture and more !

Sorry to sound like a commercial, but this is truly a superb opportunity for AI jewelry lovers.

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