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Vintage American Indian Jewelry Prices Rising !!!

Saturday, July 25th, 2009 | Collector Savvy tips, General | No Comments

What will drive this reality?

Santa Fe’s Wheelwright Museum expansion in 2012 specifically to house American Indian jewelry and related holdings (carved fetishes).

Their current inventory consists of more than 1500 items spanning the time line from early to contemporary. They will be publishing a book featuring highlights of their holdings.


If a special piece of jewelry speaks to you, capture it now!

Read all that you can:

Print the bibliography and purchase the Autumn 2009 issue of American Indian Art magazine.  It is their jewelry issue, just out today.

Shop confidently with members of ATADA which stands for Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association.

Corinne Cain of

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Pseudo “Antique Navajo” Weavings Can Fool You

Monday, July 20th, 2009 | Collector Savvy tips, General | 5 Comments

New Classic Turkish Weaving

New Classic Turkish Weaving

Where are they made?


How did this come about?

Authentic antique weavings were sent to Turkey, as this country has a strong tradition of textile making and repair and because their fees are less for carrying out the work.

How do I know?

I consulted with two extremely knowledgeable dealers in the course of conducting an appraisal: Tyrone Campbell and Steve Getzwiller

Where have these fake weavings appeared?

Legitimate auction houses described as classic or Germantown weavings

In one case, the textile had been synthetically aged even though its actual age was less than 10 years old.

Moral to this story

Only purchase antique Navajo weavings from knowledgeable dealers !!!


Corinne Cain of

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Why are Auction prices generally Less than Gallery prices ???

Saturday, July 11th, 2009 | Collector Savvy tips, General | No Comments

Generally more than half the audience bidding at auctions are dealers.

Dealers attempt to buy stock for less than what they intend to sell it for.

The remainder are often end users (collectors) attempting to purchase items for less than what they would pay buying directly from a dealer.

Both categories of buyers are participating in the auction to pay less.

The rare exception is when the item is so desirable that price sensitivity is outweighed by an overwhelming desire to possess or when the competitive spirit to outbid another bidder prevails, resulting in a price that could be greater than the price a knowledgeable dealer might have priced the item in their establishment.

Corinne Cain of

Consider paying less without the pressure of an auction scenario, by shopping at where condition reports are disclosed without request.

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