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More on Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture

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One very gifted family of sculptors follows the Henry Munyardzi lineage

Meet Henry’s grandson


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Shona Sculpture from Zimbabwe = Sculpture to Love

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In case you were wondering “Why does she endure a 17 hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa, after a multi-hour flight from Phoenix to Atlanta, plus another flight from South Africa to Zimbabwe?”


Shona sculpture

Shona stone sculpture

Godrey man dog contrast

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Kay Walkingstick Retrospective at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American Indian Washington, DC

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Walkingstick retro image 2

The Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC welcomes a major retrospective by Kay Walkingstick November 7, 2015 – Sept 18, 2016 !  Over 75 examples of this painter’s output created over four decades will be on display.  This exhibition will be referenced on the cover of the Museum of American Indian’s magazine.  A book covering this exhibition will be published as well.

We especially like the exhibition’s title  Kay Walkingstick  An American Artist.

SavvyCollector is privileged to offer 4 different encaustic paintings by Kay, all competitively priced.  Two measure 28″ X 28″, while one is 24″ X 24″.  Here is the link to all three    3 Walkingstick paintings

Corinne of

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Behind the Scene Savvy Collector Sales

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Hoover John loon dancer one 3 inch

Loon Dancer by John Hoover (1919-2011) is a spectacular example of the artist’s direct carving on cedar.  This sculpture measures nearly 33″ in height.  It was created in 2000.

Patiently a client waited several years until an example of this artist’s work was consigned.  Within three days of its arrival, upon seeing our typical high definition photos illustrating several views, the client declared “affirmative, I will purchase it”.

This sculpture was rehomed without having been on the website, as we had been advised of a collector’s interest in John Hoover.

A watercolor painting by Jeffrey Lungé (1905-1993) met the same fate.  It arrived one day and by the end of the second day, a purchaser of Lungé ‘s work agreed to acquire this painting titled Butterfly Maiden.

Lunge Jeffrey butterfly one 3 inch

If you choose to advise us of your preferences, we can simplify your search for your favorite artist’s work.

Corinne Cain of

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Maya Angelou’s Art Collection Swann Auction Sept 15

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Angelou Swann catalogue

Hand-colored photograph by Jean Moutoussamy-Ashe dated 1993

Forty Four paintings, drawings or sculptures, not to mention a quilt of life by Faith Ringgold are illustrated–each with a gentle estimate brilliantly organized by the illustrious specialist Nigel Freeman, the go-to gentleman for African American art at auction.

Artists whose work Maya Angelou treasured:  Elizabeth Catlett, Samella Lewis and John Biggers (three of my personal favorites) plus Charles Sebree, Tom Feelings, Herman Bailey, Bernard Casey, Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden, Richard Yarde, Jonathan Green, Eldzier Cortor, Paul Goodnight (whose portraits are reminiscent of Nicolai Fechin), Dinizulu Gene Tinnie, Phoebe Beasley, Artis Lane, Alonzo Adams, James McKissic, Charly Palmer, Willis Bing Davis and Melvin Edwards.

NOT to mention a painting by Maya Angelou titled The Protector of Home and Family (naturally a woman is the protector outfitted with a shotgun), signed simply “Maya”.  The catalogue states “We believe this remarkable painting is the first known visual art work by Dr. Maya Angelou to be publicly exhibited or offered for sale, painted in the winter of 1969, shortly after her completion of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”

The introduction is a poignant sharing written by Dr. Angelou’s son, Guy Johnson.  He wrote “Each piece that she acquired (over 500 we are told), spoke to her.  She loved to sit and study her art and wonder what dreams or nightmares inspired the artist to create it.”

This sale is a celebration of this remarkably sensitive artist-poet. It represents an opportunity to realign her chosen art companions with the next generation of art custodians.

Angelou Willis Bing Davis

Dr. Angelou’s eye for art is quite inspiring !  Will it rub off on future art collectors of America and beyond ?

Corinne Cain of

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Art is Where You Find It>>Aria Hotel Las Vegas Nevada

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Las Vegas Henry Moore 800



Reclining Connected Forms (1969-1974) by Henry Moore in Roman Travertine Marble is stationed outside Aria’s registration desk separating the hotel from its Crystal Shops–a privilege and available to all.

Las Vegas James Turrell

James Turrell‘s installation presents where you catch the elevated tram connecting Aria to either the Monte Carlo or the Bellagio stop.

Las Vegas Masatoshi Izumi 800

Masatoshi Izumi‘s four monoliths of carved basalt each over 16 feet in height titled Cactus Life are perched outside the Aria Hotel’s circle drive entrance.

Fun-filled hanging origami shapes accent Aria’s lobby ceiling.

Las Vegas Hanging Origami

Traveling art appraiser delights in experiencing art in Las Vegas !

Corinne Cain, ASA

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New York’s Affordable Art Fair Rocked !

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March 25 – 29 2015 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City saw an abundance of art purchased by young and old alike!

Arizona’s representative viewed people streaming by with their purchases as gallery owners scrambled to fill vacant walls with new stock on Sunday, the fair’s final day.   Lawrence Cantor, an exhibitor revealed this swarming pace was consistent throughout all 5 days and nights.

Majority of sales were $1,000 – $3,000, but red dots were seen on artworks up to $9,800.

The energy was bright!  Over 70 exhibitors were from the UK, the USA, Korea, Canada, Spain, Italy, Australia, Thailand and the Netherlands.

Large format photographs were eye catching.  There seemed to be a fondness for high def photos of books on bookshelves.  Especially soothing was a ongoing video of a synthesized wave accompanied by synthesized wave sounds available for $100 in either CD or USB format.  Marble, ceramic, glass, bronze and Plexiglas sculptures were available for those lacking available wall space.

Perhaps this concept represents the right means to attract all generations.  One label indicated “Payment plans are available” in tiny print.

Next New York Affordable Art Fair is scheduled for September 10-13, 2015 at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

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Comprehensive Guide to Native American Basketry – Bestie Book !

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Book by John Kania

If you haven’t had the privilege of sponging information about baskets from Len Wood in Laguna Beach, California, Gene Quintana in Carmichael, California, John Kania in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Natalie Linn in Portland, Oregon or Terry DeWald in Tucson, Arizona, you must acquire Kania’s book Antique American Basketry of Western North America (2014)

At $125, it is no fun to pay for, but cheaper than a college course.

Anthony Richardson’s photographs throughout are unrivalled!  Nuances presented in the photos, thoroughly explained by the text, educate your eye to condition issues as well as fiber identification.  The only way to improve this book would be to include a kit of different fibers for you to both touch and see.  Maybe this amounts to your invitation to purchase examples of baskets from different areas to lock in your powers of connoisseurship. Education with a “hands-on” opportunity more easily cements retention.

Those of you collecting contemporary basketry still need to have an understanding of what preceded baskets made more recently.

To purchase this book, you can buy it directly from Kania at his website.

Savvy art collecting hinges on a well-informed mind and eye in concert with one another.

Corinne Cain

Available baskets on

Palhik Mana with Tableta Coiled Plaque, Baskets by   Hopi basket

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2015 Heard Museum Indian Fair & Market – Way Closer than Santa Fe !!!

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Heard Indian Fair & market

2301 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ   85004
Sat & Sun (March 6 & 7)
9:30 – 5 pm (Sat)
8:30 – 9:30 am (early bird entrance on Sat for museum members)
9:30 – 4 pm (Sun)
$20 per day

Over 600 exhibiting, vetted American Indian artists
PLUS vintage baskets, pottery & jewelry available inside the Heard Museum’s Gift Shop
via Bill Faust, Charles King, Terry DeWald

Plus delicious Native & non-Native foods & beverages

Celebrating the Art of Basketry
is this year’s theme
Numerous basket-making demonstrators will be at the Fair !!!

See you there !

Corinne Cain of

 Wednesday AZ Republic Newspaper has $5 off entrance coupon for Sunday

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Loloma Expressions in Metal, Ink & Clay Feb 28 – Oct 4 Heard Museum

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   Most lovers of 20th century American Indian jewelry are entirely familiar with Charles Loloma,  Organic Sand Dollar Pinhis innovative contributions to the face of AI jewelry beyond the traditional.  February 28-October 4, the Heard Museum will make it possible for you to experience the artist’s pen and ink drawings depicting landscapes, textiles and corn, as well as examples of Mr. Loloma’s pottery and jewelry.

  • Opening  Saturday Feb 28
  • Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ
  • Jewelry, Drawings, Pottery is blessed to have examples of the artist’s work in jewelry and original prints as well as several original drawings made by a student of Loloma’s, Gus Kniffin.


Corinne Cain of


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